we're buying fast food places

a decentralized social experiment where a crypto community builds and governs a fast food franchise empire via wisdom of the crowd

what is friesDAO?

buy franchises

we're a decentralized community that's pooled $5.4M to buy and/or finance a global network of fast food stores

make connections

from crypto enthusiasts to restaurant veterans, we're developing both friendships and business relationships

enjoy perks

receive NFT-enabled perks at our stores in addition to rights to decide on which brands to franchise under

create value

discover the power of network effects in real world decision-making to lay the foundations of the next DeFi evolution

NFT memberships

access special perks such as food or discounts at our friesDAO network stores

founders edition
200 total
for whitelist contributors
genesis edition
350 total
0.03 ETH
for general contributors
limited edition
450 total
0.06 ETH
for early participants
standard edition
6969 total
via staking
for all participants

minting is available in our member app

for franchisees

We can provide you with a rapid injection of capital as a faster, informal alternative to commercial lenders. Simply undergo a brief online interview and submit a simple budget plan that will be reviewed by the community for approval. No credit checks are necessary.

There are two paths you can take for friesDAO to help you acquire a store:

conditional ownership

If there is an existing store in your area for sale, we can help you acquire it and provide advice from seasoned franchise operators. In exchange, we will have decision making rights to a portion of the business's profits for a period of time. After we recuperate the initial amount, you will be "gifted" full ownership of the store.

0% fee cash advance

Apply for up to a $1M merchant cash advance in exchange for some free food promos to our community. To qualify for this offer, you will need to become a friesDAO store community member by purchasing vested FRIES tokens over the duration of the repayment period.